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John Frawley is one of the most outstanding contemporary astrologers employing traditional astrology in modern time. This book acts as an introductory text on Horary Astrology. Reading this book will help students to enjoy Lilly's Christian Astrology better. Many concepts have been re-discovered in this book, such as Antiscia, Contrantiscia and Receptions. This book does not cover the same area as C. Nevertheless, it does provide some useful informations such as the House for primary school, university, the phone-calls, TV, sport betting and so on.

I find that some areas are not covered enough. For example, only half the page is contributed to Almuten. Robert Zoller uses one whole audio tape to explain Almuten. Using astrology to predict future is nothing new amongst Chinese astrologers. Getting a western astrologer to write a book in prediction is a big step forward. Log In Account. Martin, Roy Dotrice Browse All. The Horary Textbook. The Horary Textbook John Frawley. Description Reviews 3 Related Items. Sports Astrology John Frawley. Note: In order for the website to work as designed, you must enable JavaScript in your browser.

The Help Kathryn Stockett. The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins. No part of this work may be used or reproduced in any manner without written permission, except in critical articles and reviews.

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The Question of Profit vii viii xi i 68 71 Appendices 1. How to Calculate Antiscia 2. How to Calculate Arabian Parts 3. Answers to Set Questions 4. If you read it, you will learn a little; if you work through it, you will learn a lot. The book is cast as a dialogue between master and student.

I encourage you to put yourself in the place of the student. Whenever a question is asked, try to answer it yourself before reading on. Judge the charts yourself, rather than simply reading the judgements given.

A Horary example: betting on Corinthians

That way lies knowledge. This is not an encyclopedia of techniques. I see no purpose in presenting a multitude of methods, most of which do not work. Here are a few methods that I have tried and found do work, as I have repeatedly demonstrated on television on my own daily show, Frawley and the Fish; Odds on Sport, Predictions!

The core of the book is the system I have developed for judging the result of a sporting contest using a chart set for the start of the event. This works well, but there is room for improvement. M y hope in writing this book is that someone will pick up this system and make the improvement. I have wrestled hard with the Atlantic Ocean, without being able to defeat it. English ears being the only variety I possess, I trust I shall be forgiven for sticking with 'Manchester United are playing Arsenal' and even 'the team are..!.

For simplicity, the terms 'Lord i, Lord 2, etc. Acknowledgements So many years have passed since Olivia Barclay first encouraged me to write this book, that I fear memory may not stretch back far enough to acknowledge many w h o m I would wish to thank. Shining like beacons through the clouds that enwrap recognisance are Sandy and Pat Curran, with whom I have enjoyed long discussions on sports prediction - and Pat's attempts to explain American football to me.

Also helping to bridge the Atlantic, Tom Callanan has poured copiously from his wealth of baseball lore in response to my every query. Mike Edwards introduced me to John Addey's system for predicting horseraces, and I am grateful to T i m Addey for his warm support when I proposed discussing his father's work. Frank Clifford has been as generous as ever with the results of his data-collecting.

Christian Borup and Patrick Casey have hunted out references for me. I apologise to anyone whose name I have omitted from this list. Nina Holly, Richard Redmond, Branka Stamenkovic, and Carol Walsh scoured the manuscript, providing valuable suggestions and corrections. The errors that remain are mine alone. I wish to thank Marybeth Beechen and Chad Henry for all the effort they exert to further understanding of the Real Astrology. M y greatest thanks must, as ever, be to the one who has borne with me through the months of gestation and a most prolonged labour.

Without the patience, tolerance, and loving support of my wife, Anna, there would be no Sports Astrology. Some people believe football is a matter of life and death. I'm very disappointed with that attitude. I can assure you it is much, much more important than that. Asc is There are only 60 minutes in one degree, but ignore that arithmetical nicety here.

If you avoid changing the minutes up into degrees leaving them here as 88 you ensure that you can take away the third part of the formula without problem. Treat each side of the point as a separate sum, even if you have over in the minute column. This will keep you clear of the usual errors with this calculation. Look at the table of absolute longitudes to find the biggest number that is less than It is , which is o Scorpio. So Fortuna is in Scorpio. Take this away from its absolute longitude of If you find that the number you have to subtract is bigger than the number you got by adding the other two together, add to the number you got from the addition.

If the number you end up with when you've finished the sum is bigger than , subtract from it. If your final total gives you a number of minutes greater than 60, subtract 60 from it and add 1 to the number of degrees. Let's do another one. Suppose Saturn is at This is degrees and minutes, though, not degrees and decimals.

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So W h a t is the biggest number less than this in the table? So the Part is in Virgo. As a little practice will soon show you, this calculation is far simpler than it might seem. I have had many students professing their innumeracy, but all have learned to do this without too much anguish. The significator in station or retrograde would be a strong negative testimony. From page 1.

Lord 1 applies to Lord 8 by square. T h e existence of an applying aspect between Lord 8 and Lord 1 tells us that the querent will win. We have no information about the condition of Lord 8, so we cannot tell if it will be a big win or a small win. Squares bring the event with difficulty or delay, so there may be some difficulty or delay in getting paid. Usually the context doesn't allow for this, so the fact that the aspect is a square can usually be ignored.

Lord 8 applies to Lord 1 by trine. The answer is the same, except that now the aspect is a trine, which gives the event with ease: there will be no difficulty or delay in getting paid. Note that the trine aspect does not imply that the win is any bigger. Lord 8 is cazimi and applies to Lord 1 by square. Again, we have an aspect between Lord 8 and Lord 1, so the querent wins. N o w we do have information about the condition of Lord 8: it is cazimi.

This is extremely strengthening, so it will be a big win relative to the size of the stake. The aspect is a square, so there may be some delay or difficulty in getting paid, if the context allows this. Note that the square does not reduce the amount of the winnings.

Sports Astrology

Lord 2 applies by trine to Lord 8, which is in its fall. We have an applying aspect, this time between Lord 8 and Lord 2, so the querent wins. The aspect is a trine, so there will be no delay or difficulty in getting paid. But Lord 8 is seriously debilitated, so it will be only a small win. T h e M o o n goes to sextile Lord 8, which is on the North Node.

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T h e M o o n querent goes to Lord 8 the bookie's money so the querent wins. Lord 8 is on the North Node, which is greatly strengthening, so it will be a big win. The aspect is a sextile, so there will be no delay in payment. Lord i applies to oppose Lord 8, which is in its exaltation. The aspect shows the win; the strength of Lord 8 shows it is a big win; but even so, the aspect being an opposition shows that the win isn't worth it in some way.

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  • Perhaps I spend all afternoon in the bookmaker's and come home, my pockets stuffed with money, only to find that the Queen chose that afternoon to pay me a surprise visit, so I've missed her. If the ruler of the 8th house is combust, I am sad.

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    Lord 8 signifies the other guy's money. With that so severely afflicted, even if I win the bet he won't be able to pay me. D o not think, 'His money is afflicted, therefore he must lose the bet': it is the money itself that is afflicted, not the money's relationship to him. If the ruler of the 7th house is combust, I am happy. Now it is not the money, but the other guy himself who is afflicted: I win the bet.

    Mars Lord 7 is gloriously placed, close to the M C and in its exaltation. Venus Lord 1 is also in the 10th house, but not only further from the cusp, but also is not in the same sign as the cusp. The enemy must win. And so they did, crushingly.

    See a Problem?

    As the querent has no partiality towards them, Sri Lanka are given the 7th house. T h e Moon Lord 7 applies to trine Mars Lord 10 , the significator of victory. Yes, Sri Lanka would win. And so it proved. T h e reception between the M o o n and Mars, each in the other's detriment, is unhelpful. But there is powerful supporting testimony: the Moon is in its exaltation, on an angle, and has lots of light. Even the difficult reception cannot spoil the outcome.

    Test chart 3: England were to play France. The querent supported England. The Sun Lord 1 is for England. It is on the South Node. England lose. It would take a lot to outweigh this powerful negative testimony. Saturn Lord 7 is in a slightly stronger house than the Sun, which favours the enemy, but exalts the Sun, which favours England more. Neither this, nor the Sun's position near - but not so near - the 7th cusp, is enough to balance out the Sun being on the South Node.

    It is not testimony in a horary: do not mix the systems. France won. Test chart 4: Mars Lord 1 is for the querent's team. It is in a dreadful state: in its detriment and in the unfortunate 6th house. The 6th is the house of Mars' joy, which is a minor positive, but not much of one. The major positive is that, bad as Mars' position is, it isn't getting any worse. If the team is to go down, its significator must deteriorate in condition. The Sun is in an angular house, which is strengthening, but it is in its fall and is about to set.

    Mars is in a cadent falling house; the Sun is in its fall: similar testimonies. But Mars is already in that house and the Sun is already in its fall.

    Day 1: Traditional Natal Astrology Day 2: Understanding the Fixed Stars: Sun Recording Service

    We are looking for change, not an existing state of affairs. The Sun is about to set, a literal indication of something going down. It has not yet set, so this is our testimony of change. There is a planet that is about to go down, and it isn't Mars. As only one team will be relegated, that team will not be the one our querent supports. Test chart y. The Sun Lord 10 is for the champ; Saturn Lord 4 for the challenger.

    We could also give the champ the Sun, as natural ruler of kings, but he has it already. We can also give the challenger the Moon, natural ruler of the common people. Saturn is just inside the ioth house: the challenger is in the champion's power. This alone is almost enough for judgement, but the Moon too is in the ioth house, repeating the testimony. All that is needed now is a quick glance at the Sun to confirm that it isn't in even worse condition, which would be unlikely.

    The Sun is in the 9th. This is not a strong house, but the Sun is slightly strengthened, because this is the house of its joy. The Sun is not strong, but the challenger's significators are so badly placed it doesn't need to be. The Moon is void of course, showing there will be no change: the champion will remain champion. The champion won. Test chart 6: The Sun Lord 1 is for the querent's team. By secondary motion - the planet's movement through the zodiac - the Sun is entering the unfortunate 8th house. By primary motion - the planets movement across the sky from rising in the east to setting in the west - the Sun is nearing its setting.

    By this stage of the season, there was no chance of the querent's team being relegated compare test chart 4 , but they will certainly not be going up. Nor did they. Suppose Mars, not the Sun, were Lord 1. Mars is, both essentially and accidentally, the strongest planet in the chart.